La Hacienda de San Angel for Fireworks Viewing Oct 2022

2 seniors with a special needs daughter looking for a comfortable place to view the fireworks. I realize we are compromising both the fireworks experience and our dining experience, but I believe it fits our needs.
Comments from other’s that have tried this with the current fireworks show would be much appreciated.
We have 7:45 reservations currently.

I didn’t do La Hacienda but I did do Rose and Crown and I can confidently tell you that you can enjoy Harmonious from any angle and you don’t miss much.

Here’s the thing, a lot o people think that frontal view is the only way to enjoy it because of the projections but what they don’t tell you is that the “center” projections are actually shown on the side barges too. The projections are slightly different but you don’t miss anything. For example, genie might be dancing in the center projection but when viewed from the side the genie will be on one of the barges (tacos). In other words, the show is slightly different when viewed from the side or at an angle but you still see the FULL show. When I asked my wife if she missed not being able to see the center ring she replied “what ring?”, no one missed it.

Another thing to consider, the barges are HUGE. They don’t look like it from videos but they are massive. So with everything going on you still get a pretty good view. Also, the show occurs everywhere, on the barges, the center ring, lights, laser, the sky, everywhere. With so much going on you welcome not having one more thing to worry about.

I will always prefer paying for a seat and enjoy the show while having dinner than battling the masses and boring my family to death for two hours under scorching heat reserving a spot.

I say do it. It’s great.


I ate at La Hacienda in February and July. I am usually a signature dining person but I love the fried lobster tacos.

I did not watch Harmonious from the restaurant but I think you will enjoy the show from there.

I love your plan.


I wish we would have tried something like this. We only had one opportunity to watch harmonious and I got sucked into the ‘need to see it from front and center if you are only going once’. We got there by 745, put a blanket down, and it wasn’t half bad… Until it was time to leave.

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I really enjoyed Harmonious from La Hacienda. I wasn’t even up against a window and still loved it.


Thank you for responses!