La cava choices

Need help! Which should I try on my trip? Coffee Margarita, Pineapple Margarita or cucumber Margarita? Please tell me what you have tried and enjoyed. Last trip I had the Avocado Margarita but, with so many choices, feel compelled to expand my repertoire! Opinions please!

I love the pineapple one. So yummy!!

can’t go wrong with either the Pineapple or the Cucumber. I’ve had both and they are DELICIOUS!!

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The pineapple was very good and I might try coffee. But I don’t want vegetables in my margaritas.

Have you tried the passion fruit?

My favorite is the Blood Orange. Is that gone from the menu?

nope. the blood orange is still there. and VERY good too.

Thx! Will definitely try Pineapple. since we are spending 2 days in Epcot, I may have to try Coffee also! Yum!

Does the avocado one really taste like bananas? I love avocados, but I don’t really like bananas, so I’m nervous to try one. Also, do they ever do margarita flights? I’m an absolute light-weight (only with alcohol, I’m not actually light as a feather) so I’d love to try three without falling down.

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It definitely had a fruity taste. I believe they mix in pineapple juice. It was very tasty. Would not hesitate to try it again.

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Another vote for the passion fruit, it was delicious! And I love @sallyepp_cot’s idea about flights. I don’t believe they offer margarita flights, but I wish they did.

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Pineapple for sure!!

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I love all cucumber drinks, so I’d go for that - if I had to choose just one!

Pineapple … need to try coffee one next time.

Didn’t “love” the avacado one; didn’t hate it, but for the price, wouldn’t order it again. LOVE the blood orange. The tamarind was also quite tasety. Cucumbers are great in salads, but I generally don’t like that f;avor in a drink, so I doubt I would order that.

I personally thought the Avocado margarita was disgusting! And the sad part is that I love both avocados and bananas! I am not one to tell people not to try things for themselves though. (But ugh. It was gross.)