La cantina de san angel and Illuminations

I want to get a table here for dinner around 6:30 pm and hold it down until the illuminations starts. Is that possible or would they make me leave since I’d be occupying a table for another 2 or so hours after we finished eating? If this isn’t an option what other recommendations would you make to get a good spot for the Illuminations show

Sitting there for 2 hours simply to hold it for Illuminations is not only kinda rude, but also a huge waste of your time. That’s 2 hours you could be seeing/doing things instead of just sitting still staring at an empty lake. Why not get there a little later?
Plus, not sure why you have your heart set on sitting here. Almost anywhere around the lake is suitable for viewing.

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thinking through this after reading makes more sense. Just trying to figure out the best spot and read this was one of those premier locations for the show. Thanks

It’s only a “premier location” in that you can eat and watch at the same time and not have to “waste” park time to eat separately. That said, if you had nothing better to do you could just sit there and drink tequila for the whole time, but then you might be passed out by the time the show starts! :wink:

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