Kudos to Cast Member

I am sure I have seen this before, but I cannot locate the thread, so sorry for the repeat.

On our vacation to DW a few weeks ago we came across a couple of cast members we would like to tell DW about. They were awesome! How do I go about doing this?


Try this: wdw.guest.communications@disneyworld.com

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Thanks, PrincipalTinker. Needed this today, almost a month later and, boom, there you are!

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Just a bit of a follow up. Guest services got back with me about two days after my email. They were very happy that I’d taken the time and would contact the supervisors of the four men right away.

I love the fact that they respond immediately with a form email and then, a short time later with a personal call.

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Thank you for the follow up on this thread! You prompted me to get my email to Disney World today. I am glad to hear you heard back. Hopefully I will hear back as well.

Thanks PrincipalTinker, the email address worked great. I sent the not to Disney three days ago and got a follow up call today. There were four different cast members we were highly impressed with, but we only knew two of their names. Disney was able to figure out at least one of the names of the cast members based upon them helping us with our Magic Bands! We are so glad at least three of the four will get recognition!

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