Kona or The Wave?

Family of 4 and grandma. Grandma is a healthy eater: prefers fish, salads etc to red meat and starchy stuff. Kids 13 and 11. No fussy eaters - both menus look good to me! We’ll be staying YC but keen to try dinner at an MK resort one evening on our way home.

We loved Kona for lunch and are trying dinner there in nov. does your bunch eat sushi? Never been to Wave.

If you’re going during the construction, Kona will be very noisy and not all that wonderful to look at on the way in. For me, some of the food has been hit-or-miss at Kona, although there are some favorites I have there. We’ve been to The Wave quite a few times and really enjoyed the food there.

If you really enjoy healthier preparations of food, I’d go with The Wave, personally.

The Wave is supposed to be all about healthier eating. The one time I went, I had a server who mostly pretended I wasn’t there, and when she did come to the table seemed annoyed that I was there. The food was probably OK - maybe even good, but the overall experience was so negative I have no desire to go back. I’ve only been to Kona (once) for breakfast. My impression was Denny’s with bamboo - and excellent coffee. I was actually planning on trying Kona for lunch in November, but with all of the mess at the Poly, I’m staying away from the resort until the construction is done.

We had lunch at kona in August and construction didn’t bother us food and service was great and the manager Andy who is from nc talked to us forever!

We’ve been to both for dinner. Not sure which would be a healthier option, probably the Wave. The Wave was quiet, almost deserted. Kona was more lively/loud (ask to sit toward the back). Agree with @bswan26 with service at the Wave although our experience wasn’t quite as bad. We’ve been to Kona twice for dinner-good service once, great service the second time. Our bunch preferred Kona, especially DD12 because of the dessert: the Kona Kone! Hope that helps

I like both restaurants, but prefer the Wave. I’ve had dinner there twice and had wonderful meals and terrific service both times. They have some very nice salads on the menu, too.

(snort) :smiley:


Love Kona and want to try the new dole whip location at the Poly. Actually very curious about the new food offerings at Capt Cooks. But, because of the construction at the Poly in the viscinity of Kona, I’d say split the difference. Wave for dinner and Poly for dole whips.


Thanks everyone! What’s Denny’s?! (I’m English!)

Denny’s is a very large American chain of restaurants, frequently located on highway exit ramps, known for large portions of mediocre and relatively inexpensive food served in restaurants with no recognizable theme or appealing atmosphere. The food at Kona is better than a Denny’s. My comment was a bit of sarcasm that’s difficult to translate in a cross-cultural way… :smile:


I’d pick Kona, though my choice is biased by my one visit to The Wave, when in a nearly empty restaurant our server still found time to ignore us for long stretches of time. I was never offered a refill for my soda (and couldn’t find anyone to ask) and we probably waited twenty minutes at the end of the meal for the bill. Were it not a rainy day when I wasn’t in a hurry to go outside, I would have found someone else to give us our check. For what it’s worth, my sister’s meal was very good, while I ordered a turkey sandwich and was not pleased with my selection.

Kona is a reliable safe choice, whereas (from reports I read and my own experience), Wave can be hit or miss.

We recently ate at The Wave and DH said it was the best meal of the trip. I also loved it. Definitely recommend.

I liked them both. Touch choice.

I did not care for The Wave’s decor. We all raved over our meals at The Wave but we were the only table there for a late lunch and it was just a depressing atmosphere. Wine list was very good and I felt like the dishes were a touch more upscale.

My noodles at Kona were just so-so (but we have very high standards when it comes to that type of dish). DD did love her Kona Kone dessert. The GCH is pretty torn up, but most of it is covered with temporary walls.

From descriptions I’ve read re Wave, probably wouldn’t be my first choice, though might try it sometime for curiosity. Just don’t like idea of basement, no windows. That;s just me.

Had dinner Kona last trip, has good memories so went in spite of construction. Restaurant itself was great for us as usual, especially the food this time. Fam said it was one of their fave meals of the week. Even the picky 4yr old loved his dish (probably b/c ravioli shaped as Mickey ears ha ha!).

I have to agree about decor; the Wave may well win the award for ugliest restaurant in WDW - although the bar is pretty cool. Even Kona’s mostly non-descript Holiday Inn Coffee Shop from the 70s decor is more pleasant.

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