Kona Cafe watch 2022 - ADRs now available!

We have attraction watch threads…thought I would create this one for any news about Kona Cafe reopening. We want to book breakfast there, but they aren’t allowing it yet. Fall 2022 means it might not be open in time for our early December trip.

Anyhow…something I thought was curious was this (highlighted):

Now, “enhanced” might be just new theming…but could it mean they intend to make it a character meet and greet meal as well? Which also would mean a higher price? I hope not.

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You just struck terror in my heart. :frowning:

Now I’ll be watching, too.

Aren’t there characters next door at 'Ohana?

There are characters at Ohana breakfast, I don’t think they’re at dinner.

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In the very least, this gives me hope they won’t change breakfast at Kona, then!

I think you can still do Kona to go. The food is the same you just get to pick where you sit and eat. :wink:

Yeah. We might have to do it that way. Hoping not, though. Annoying that we would have to arrive from our resort (either Saratoga or Boardwalk, depending on the morning) and hope for a mobile order window that is available soon…and then find a place to sit down and eat.

Has anyone done Kona to Go on here? How was your experience? We are considering this for breakfast one morning, that or Capt Cook’s. (We’re not staying at Poly, just considering a dine and dash on the monorail :wink: )

I’ve done Kona to go a few times b/c I wanted eat outdoors. There are lots of lovely spots outside, in the lobby or Capt’ Hooks to sit and eat. Both times were breakfast and I had macadamia pancakes. It was as good as sitting down to eat in the restaurant. They pack it up very nicely too.

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What about 1900PF watch? Why has that not come back? Hmm?


Do they let you into Poly parking lot with just a To-Go order?


recently they haven’t even checked. Just tell them you have a dinning reservation. I can’t remember if we named the place or not the last time. They just waved us through.

Lots of ppl are going to Ohana so they are used to guests w/ ADRs there

Oh. Interesting.

One of our two possible days to go, we’d probably drive rather than use Disney transportation, and having a Kona TS reservation I knew would get us in. If we used To-Go, I suppose we could park at TTC and walk or monorail over.

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Without Tonga Toast, Macadamia Nut Pancakes, and that oh-so-delicious side of ham…who cares? :wink:

(Actually, though, they haven’t even announced a potential time frame for opening yet at 1900.)


My guess is bc of face character training. I know they have a shortage.

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Is that b/c of poor pay? WDW has consistently fallen behind USO in pay.

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I would think it’s more just bc those are rarer charafters not really featured anywhere else so hard to have a stable of them ready to go at all times vs like a Mickey that can be a Mickey anywhere you know?


It does make me wonder where they went to, b/c they were working for WDW b4 the pandemic hit.

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I think a lot of people that stayed with Disney transitioned to other roles during the reopening.

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We did both places in the same morning twice on this last trip, actually. It worked quite well, though you kind of have to sneak in behind the walk-up coffee line to get to the mobile order pickup for Kona.