Kona and Disney Dining Plan - New Menu

We are booked at Kona for dinner. They have recently changed the menu and it appears that their steaks don’t come with any sides. Each side is priced separately at $8 - $15.

If we keep our reservation and are using a DDP credit, will we need to be prepared to pay for sides separately? If so, we may need to reconsider this reservation.

No you won’t pay extra, they come with sides.

Thank you so much! Have you used a table service credit or know someone who has used a table service credit since the menu was changed recently?

Not trying to be a pain but with 4 people going, sides would quickly add up if we each chose 1.


Entrees always come with a side. If you picked an extra one, it would be out of pocket. There have been a few questions about this recently. I haven’t eaten at Kona since the change of menu, but when we went to Yachtsman the menu looked the same way on MDE with no side listed. Of course it was included.

Thanks so much! I greatly appreciate your help! Kona is one of my parent’s favourite restaurants so I’m glad to hear we can still go.

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I see the sides listed on the Disney menu


I was considering eating here during our upcoming trip after seeing the new menu and the ginormous steak entree, but I read online that the $95 steak was NOT included in the dining plan so I booked elsewhere. Would have been a great value for DDP credit!

Yes, I see the sides listed but they’re also listed as an additional cost. I have not eaten at any Disney restaurants where the menu was designed as the meat as 1 price and any sides are an up charge.

Wondering how this works with the DDP? I feel better since you mention you’d eaten at Yachtsman with a similar type menu and you were able to choose both and entree and a side and did not need to pay extra. I’ve only eaten at restaurants where the entree listed both the meat and sides as one price, not as 2 different prices.

On the menu I the steaks come with arugula and braised Cipollini and the sides are other items you can add?

LOL! I’m so used to some sort of potato or rice side that I didn’t even notice those. Not really filling sides but I’m guessing since the steaks are larger they’re thinking they can go easy on the sides? Time will tell. Some leafy greens and onions won’t fill me up too much.

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