Knott's advice for a first timer?

I impulsively added cheap Knott’s tickets to my December vacation package (shoutout to without knowing hardly anything about the park. I went once in the early 90s as a teenager and vaguely remember having a good time.

But I’m a little concerned today after looking into the height requirements. My 5 year old’s goal is to hit 46" for Indy at DLR. But there’s no way he’s making it to 48", which means there are 11 rides at Knott’s he will be too short to ride. So we may be spending most of our time in Camp Snoopy. :smile:

Do they do child swap and/or single rider? I might want to try a few of the big coasters.

Do people rope drop Knotts? Does it open prior to the posted hours?

What rides should we target first? Going on Monday 12/13, so no weekend or holiday crowds to consider.

Any foods to seek out or avoid?

I don’t have information specifically for Knott’s, but the child swap probably works the same as other cedar fair parks I am familiar with (kings island and cedar point).

You’d have to stop by a guest services booth and they’ll give you a paper to check off each time you do a child swap. I doubt they have a single rider line just because I’ve never seen one at Kings Island or Cedar point.

Regarding rope drop, yes, I think so, again based on my experience at other cedar fair parks. They’ll hold everyone until the pledge of allegiance is over and then if they have early ride times (an extra 30-60 minutes for season pass holders or people staying on property, for a select few rides), it would be a good idea to know which one(s) you want to get done. If no early ride time, they’ll hold everyone at entry walkways for the different areas. But I’ve learned that most people going to these parks have more of a “go with the flow” attitude for touring. This caught me by surprise when I shared my plans for cedar point in a Facebook “tips” group and most of the responses were like, “why would you do that?” " just go and have fun", “check the app times and look for short times, do that” LOL!

I would suggest watching a some you tube videos specifically for Knotts - you’ll learn a lot in a short time and planning is part of the fun!

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I haven’t been to Knott’s since 2005, but I’ll bet Hang Time is the best rope drop target. It has mediocre capacity and is “the newest” thing. If you care about it, Coast Rider (the wild mouse) will also probably get a decent line. If it’s run anything like Psycho Mouse at Great America (my home park), the line will crawl. I will say that Xcelerator is one of my favorite coasters on the West coast. I could ride that thing all day. Definitely give it a few laps because it’s over in a blink.