Knee brace on FOP

Has anybody been able to wear a mechanical knee brace on FOP?

I can’t answer your question but am interested in what people say. My husband had knee surgery and may be wearing a knee brace during our trip to Disney. Are you (or the person you’re referring to) doing anything special to accommodate their knee? I’m worried about my husband’s starting to get tired walking so much and getting stiff when standing in line.

I haven’t had knee surgery, just an old untreated ACL injury. I’m wearing the brace because it can be trickie if I step wrong. Putting off the inevitable lol.

Other than facing forward like you are riding a bike, or say a snowmobile, I can’t see how the brace would be affected. A brace of a type comes forward on this vehicle and comes against your back. The ride is mostly a screen ride but it is a trill ride to the eyes. Hope this helps.

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Don’t think it will be a problem. There is a brace that comes up against your back and two that rest up against your calves. I was on it last week wearing a boot up to the lower part of my knee due to a broken ankle. It was a little tight but not a problem at all

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Thanks everyone.