Kitchen Sink

Does anyone know if Beaches and Cream will make a Kitchen sink with no chocolate? I know strange request, but our youngest (DD5) will not eat anything chocolate (we are praying she grows out of this misplaced hatred) and our DD11 and DS6 saw the Kitchen Sink in a picture and have not stopped talking about it.

Hmm good question. But i do not see why not. I know beaches and cream is more flexible than the plaza for the kitchen sink. Especially if you say there is a food sensitivity.

Not exactly a lie. May not get ill from it. But will not eat it.

That is what I was thinking too. Always easier to call it a sensitivity than an unreasonable distaste :smile:

I think you can tell them no chocolate if one of you are allergic to it. I worked in an ice cream bar. You can make it with other syrup. Banana with strawberries, raspberry with carmel, pineapple on vanilla etc.

I’ve read they will make it without the coffee ice cream if you don’t like it, so I’m sure they would work with you.