King room request at POP for 3 people

Does anyone know if you can get a king room at POP for 3 people? It will be me, spouse and 10 year old daughter. We would prefer a king but were told by someone that we could only get a room with 2 doubles with the three of us on the reservation

Not possible. King rooms have a king bed. That’s it.

I saw pictures of he remodeled rooms, and there are big changes in the beds. The ones that have already been remodeled have a Queen bed and a pull down bed like at the AOA. My understanding is that they have started in the 90s and moving toward the 50s. I think that would work great for you.

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Yes, this might work if you can manage in a queen. Word on the street is that the pull-down bed is also a queen. I have my doubts but this was a person who was actually staying in the room who said so. Still, even a double for your 10yo would work if you and spouse can be in a queen together. For DH and I that’s manageable, but when you’re king spoiled (like us) it’s definitely more cozy than you’re used to :wink:

There are some great photos this weekend on chat. There are a couple of liners staying in the new rooms. I have seen some comments that the pull down could be a double.

I realized I still had the link open so I hope this works: here is the Link to the photos.

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Actually the post this morning says two queen beds. Both beds have the same mattress.

i know they have a ada room with a shower no tub with a king and a double, i was told that the double is a roll away though. you can find the room on the room finder.

i was trying for this room myself but they sold out.