King Room question for CR

Not sure if anyone knows this, but there are supposedly King rooms at The Contemporary, as well as Double Queen Rooms.

When I look at the Touring Plans Room Finder, it lists King Bed options for Club Level, Pool View, and Standard View…but Magic Kingdom view rooms, it only lists 2 Queen Beds.

Is this accurate? When I put in a room request, I’d prefer a King room to the 2 queens if there are any available. It isn’t a big deal…but I’m a little surprised there are no Magic Kingdom view rooms that has a King instead of Queens when the other views do.

The only king room I’ve ever had at CR was Garden Wing. When I called once looking for any MK view king bed room they told me that GF was it.

Okay. Thanks. Interesting and surprising, but it is what it is!

Hey, sorry to resurrect a zombie thread, but i was browsing through the room views for my trip and i noticed in the comments that room 4538 i think it is - the commenter says that its actually a king room. I was considering requesting a king room myself - but figured i’d let you know.

Also, I think our trips overlap, so we may have to duke it out for the room, :rofl:

I’ll have to start training, Rocky style!

Funny, although I live in NJ, I can see Philadelphia from my home…