Kindle Version of 2019 Unofficial Guide?

I have been trying for days to figure out how to download the Kindle version of the 2019 Unofficial Guide to WDW.
First, it took me forever to figure out that you can not purchase Kindle books via the Amazon or Kindle iOS App. When using iOS, you have to make your purchase from the Amazon website via a browser, from PC, or from the Amazon app on a non-iOS device.
Now, that I have that figured out, I can’t find a Kindle version for purchase. The free sample is there, but not the full book. I can find the print version for purchase new or used, in paperback or hardcover. However, when I toggle to the Kindle version, it changes to the 2018 edition. I have had other users in Lines chat report that they have purchased and downloaded the 2019 Kindle book, no problem. 2019 doesn’t even appear in Amazon search results if I filter by Kindle, but it does in the Kindle app. However, I can only get the sample in the Kindle app due to the iOS issue.

Note: Kindle price in photo may be different for you. While this is from the .com (US) site, it knows I’m not in the US and adds tax and stuff into the price for me.

It does it on the UK site too, weird.

So, if my link doesn’t work, try this:

Type the name of the book into the search line, on the side, choose “Kindle”, then search. The 2019 version should come up first. When you click on it, you should be in the correct page, but if you click the book version, you won’t be able to get back to the kindle 2019 version without going through the search line again.

Thank you so much. That was easy. First time I have been able to access that page. I can follow that link, toggle to paperback, and then back to Kindle, and it goes to the 2018 version. I took a screen cap to prove that I’m not crazy.

2019 UOG Kindle Issues Screen Cap

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The reason you can’t purchase Kindle books through Apple iOS is because Apple will add a fee on the vendor for all in-App electronic purchases, so Amazon disabled the feature on the App. As you noted you can go to the browser and open the full Amazon website to order Kindle books.

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