Kindle version of 2017 WDW Unofficial Guide

The paperback is set to release in a couple weeks…will it take a month after the release for the Kindle version to release?

I’d rather save some paper and trees :slight_smile:

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E-mail for the official answer - this is primarily a user community, so the TP staff may have missed your question.

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I believe I got my ebook version the day the book was released last time

So I have the Kindle version of the 2016 guide and in it, it mentions that it is updated automatically. Does anyone know how this works? Is it just updated before you purchase/download, or will it turn into the 2017 version at the end of August?

I think the updates only pertains to the book you purchased (2016 version). I believe the updates they referrer to are usually corrections and such. The 2017 version would probably be a new book.