Kinda complicated FP question

So I am in disney for 8 days. I have a 7 day park ticket and a MNSSHP ticket.

I will be attending MnSSHP on my first night. If I make FP selections for this night, for before 7 can I use it on my mNSSHP ticket or can I only use them if I’ve used a park ticket to enter.

Hope that makes sense.

You can not get FPP on the Halloween party ticket. So the system would let you make FPP because of the ticket linked in MDE but then to use them you would have to use that ticket I could be wrong though. It doesn’t cost much to add another day to your ticket then you could use fpp that day

Na, I was just curious to see could I. I’m going to be heading in about 5 to the party so just chancing my arm!!

Maybe things have changed. But, last year, I linked my Halloween tickets and made advanced FPP from 3:30 (so that I could have one ready right at 4) to 7pm

There was a thread on chat a couple of weeks ago that reported you could make FPP from 4-7 with just party tickets.

Oh really. Dang I deleted the ones I chose. Back in I go

Is there any way to search for this.

Did @pirategirl confirm? I think this may be a lines question. You cannot search lines chat.

That’s what I thought. I went back in and made FP just in case. Got better times than my previous!!

Yes. Use the search function on chat. Again, I did this last Halloween. No issue whatsoever.

And all u used was ur party ticket. Didn’t scan ur band or card.

Exactly. Maybe I didn’t know I was doing something special? :slight_smile:

cool, last year it didn’t work.

See this is why I worry about being the only person answering @shelldub questions :smile:

no one likes me!!! well i went back in and re did the fp so if they don’t work no big deal. i’ll delete them in the park for someone else to use.

I wanted to go ahead and update this thread as I have had the exact same issue this year and the same dilemma and I THINK I have a confirmed answer from a Disney rep who seemed very confident in the answer… (I’ve had some who totally did NOT get what I was even asking!)

We also have a 7 day park hopper and party tickets for one day in the middle of our trip for MNNSHP. If however, you have the regular tickets and the party hopper tickets on the same account it WILL let you make the FP reservations for the party, but you are limited to only 7 days (they don’t have to be consecutive) within a 30 day time frame by the system. So essentially, you will be blocked from making reservations with your regular ticket for day 8 as you have used your 7 day limit up. The rep I spoke with this evening confirmed that he has this question from foreign travelers a lot as they are also limited to 7 days even with the purchase of a 10 or 14 day park hopper.

I was previously told IF you buy the tickets for the party on a separate MDE account apparently you can get FPs from 4-7 that day (theoretically from what others have said, but I haven’t tested this to be sure).

You can make FP selections for any 7-days with your park tickets. This means you can make FP selections for your MNSSHP party day. But this also means you will not be able to make FP selections for your 8th day. After your MNSSHP day, you will be able to make FP selections for your last day since you park tickets will still have 7-day of admission.

Thanks! I found out today that this 7 day rule is only for those off-site which we are this trip. I didn’t want to use lose the 30 day ability to get FPs for the 8th day of the trip for just those 3 hours of the party so didn’t book anything for the party. Disney really has me questioning not staying on site this time!