Kind of a weird question

Ok, so when DBF and I went to WDW in May, we stayed at Pop and the toilet paper sucked. So, my question is, is the TP better quality at Mod/Deluxe or should I just bring my own since I'm such a toilet paper snob? lol

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Not a weird question at all, I agree that Pop's TP sucks smile Sorry I don't have an answer for you though!

We're staying at CSR in Oct if anyone has info on the TP there, lol

Hi HalfBludPrincess ! Don't know the answer only having been to Disneyland but imo bring your own. DH always has me pack some for him saying the TP too hard for his tushie..

yes, I actually did a study on the TP levels at the different disney hotels. Values is the wortst, single ply, horrible stuff. Moderates is better, but not by much. DVC resorts is a bit better than that, but still not top dollar quality. Deluxe resorts have angel soft.


@alitig1, I'm ummmm, impressed. You must have been pooped after all that research.


This is why a subscription to Lines is worth every penny... where else you gonna get this kind of insight? Love it!


I have just been lucky enough to stay almost everywhere at Disney in Florida. Have no data for anywhere else. But yes. I was pooped. Or a different verb ending.


Oh @MDU, can't. stop. laughing!


Love this! If you look back at my posts in chat, you will find one with this similar topic! We had only stayed moderate at WDW, and deluxe at Disneyland. Stayed 3 nights in a suite at AOA in April....never been so happy to move to a moderate after those 3 nights. Many reasons for this, but one was that the toilet paper there was awful! Much better at the moderates, though it's still not Charmin 2-ply which is what we use at home. When we went to the Beach Club, I was super impressed with the paper in their bathroom near check-in. If you stay value, bring your own!

We are also either snobs or just have some really sensitive "areas" but after 9 days at POFQ, my husband and I decided that we'd be ordering our own from now on. So the moderates aren't that great either.

We have it added to our Garden Grocer order, but we are staying at Yacht Club. Do you think we'll need it as a deluxe?

Are you sure you did not use crappy data?


I find that I can usually kill two birds with one stone and do the restroom TP research and Lines TP research at the same time.


We brought our own last year. Ain't nobody got time for irritation down there at Disney.


Add us to the toilet paper snobs club. We're bringing our own. We always do if we travel somewhere for more than about 2 days!


You need to add high quality toilet paper to the ultimate packing list.


That was totally my experience. I hate toilet paper that makes me feel like I got paper cuts in my sensitive areas!

yes! YC for the win! Thank you, alitig, for that exhaustive research

You are very welcome.

Remember to tip the bathroom attendant as you leave.

I'm laughing at all your tender American touchies! Here in Canada, we use ferns leaves and pinecones pineapple (oops - that's not a pinecone!)

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