Killing my rope drop game

These everyday - every park extra magic hours in October are killing my rope drop plans. I have an on site reservation that I’m going to cancel because I cannot seem find any discounts and book off site. I hate being an hour behind everyone else…:frowning:

Tried to rearrange plans around non-extra magic hour mornings but EVERY day. Ugh. Must be to balance out the Galaxy’s Edge crowds.

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Yes it is. A touring plan will still help you though!


I feel your pain. RD is the best time to get at least one thing, usually a big thing crossed off you list. I’d probably cancel the whole trip.

I just did. Thanks for the advice!

Wait, did you really cancel the entire trip?? I don’t think that’s necessary!

Just a suggestion, have you contacted Magical Vacation Travels to see if they have any agency exclusives still availability for the days you were planning in Oct? You may can get a cheaper rate than what you currently have if there is no discount.

I’m a Disney Agent myself. I really didn’t cancel my trip either. I thought the suggestion was absurd so I responded absurdly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Personally, I wouldn’t worry too much about being off site in such a scenario. In fact, having EMH in all the parks can actually benefit off-siters potentially. The on-site “rope drop” crowd (which is already a subset of the total on-site guests) is now split between 3 parks instead of just 1. This means the overall impact on off-site guests is minimal. Of course, it will be higher than, say, going to a park that does NOT have EMH. Maybe.

We’ve always tried to Rope Drop the parks as off-site guests. But for us, we are not the type to get there like an hour before rope-drop. Because all that means is we’re spending an hour in line outside the park so to avoid waiting a little extra time in line INSIDE the park. If we’re going to wait either way, I’d much rather do it with as little waiting outside the park (well, I’m calling being contained behind the rope “outside the park” even though it technically isn’t) as possible.

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If it makes you feel any better, rope drop was kind of a bust for us during our trip last month. Didn’t provide the touring advantage it has in the past.

Well that’s good to hear. So Disney doesn’t offer any sort of discounts to agents? I really have no clue so that’s why I am curious.

The only thing I’ve truly rope dropped while off property is FOP; just to see the process. There are also six of us on this trip which is stressing me out. Usually it’s me and my 8yr old or I’m solo.

Thanks for the sound advice and reassurance! Much appreciated.

There is a college of Disney Knowledge program and then you can get benefits. The room only is usually really good. But there is nothing available for a larger group this fall. DVC is slim to nothing as well.

I have 5 kids, so we’ve had as many as 7 of us. We had 6 our last trip.

Just keep your expectations in check, and it’ll all be fine. :slight_smile:

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