Kilimanjaro Safari - Best Time To See The Beasts

I’ve got an afternoon (130-230) FP for KS. I’ve read conflicting reports about when the best time to go to be able to see the most animals in action. I may want to change my time! I realize there are no definite answers - the beasts will do what they want to do. But can anyone share their experiences at different times of the day?

I think the time I saw the most animals it was after 4:00. It seemed as if they had put food down shortly before our safari.

First thing in the morning is my favorite time. Once because a wobbly little baby giraffe hadn’t been shuffled/hidddn away by her mama yet and another time because we woke up the lion and he roared at us several times. Both way cool goosebump moments. Afternoons they all seem to be napping, though going after the afternoon snack makes sense too.

I’ve heard @len report a few times that he sent a researcher out to count animals at different times and there was no significant difference in the number of animals you saw at different times of the day. However, I’ve not heard whether the animal’s activity level was measured. To me, a sleeping lion isn’t nearly as entertaining as one that is actually doing something.

I still believe first thing in the morning or around dusk are when animals are typically most likely to be moving around.

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In theory, during the most moderate part of the day. In the summer, first thing in the AM before it gets too hot. In the winter, mid to late afternoon when it has warmed up some. That being said, I have noticed very little difference between different times of the day.


I think one of the things to bear in mind is that WDW heavily “manages” the experience here. For example, you almost always see a lion lounging in the rock because they have spots that are either heated or cooled (depending on the weather) in order to attract them.

I love it first thing in the morning. We like to do the pre-RD Turner breakfast then walk right onto KS when it opens. Animals are usually eating and active art that time. One time we had to wait for the giraffes to cross the road and they came close enough that we could have reached out and touched them!

We did it twice yesterday one at rd one at 130 there wss no difference we saw a lot boyh times. It was cool and rainy dont know if that makes a difference