Kids ticket prices

I’m not a “regular” at WDW, so I don’t know how to find all the info, but I figured ticket prices at least would be pretty transparently available on the website. Right now, I’m only able to find ticket prices for Ages 10+.

What’s the price for kids 0-9? Is there any senior discount for age 65+?

You’re right that you just see the standard price at first. If you go through the steps like you’re going to actually purchase tickets, you eventually get to see the age categories and their respective prices after picking number of days, ticket type, and start date. It’s a very minimal child discount, like $5 less per ticket day, and I’m not aware of a senior discount, but someone else may know of a way to get one.

For example, this would be for a 4-day ticket starting 4/10, the next date with any park availability. Prices fluctuate by start date.


thank you!

This is very helpful. They are all Disney authorized.