Kids riding alone

I know that a child must be at least 7 to ride “alone” meaning in a different vehicle than an adult/guardian. I have a DD9, DD6, DD6, and am wondering if all three kids could ride with only me on something like Everest. So can the 9 year old serve as the accompanying “adult” for a 6 year old in one of the ride vehicles?
Also, can a 9 year old ride something (say Everest again), actually alone, that is without a parent in the line? If not, could an adult take a 9 year old through a line, then the adult takes the chicken exit and the kid rides alone?

A kid of 7 can enter the line entirely alone, so no issues with a 9yo.

With the 6yos, you do tend to hear different accounts depending on the CM. Some are ok with the parent (or someone over 14, which is the rule, a 9yo won’t do) being in the row behind, others say they must be sitting next to them.

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Hi, bumping this up again. Does anyone have experience with this? My kids are Everest fans and I’m having trouble planning as only one parent may be able to accompany them. We would potentially have the same obstacle at RNR.

I think it will be the judgment of the CM. You can ask if, since they are both under 7, if you all ride together in the same train car, would be that okay.

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