Kids on leashes

Please don’t think I’m a bad mom!!! I want my kiddo safe!! Shes 2.5 and very social!!! I’m trying to decide if a leash is a good idea, feasible, or even practical at Disney. Around home I have put her in squeaky shoes but I can’t handle that much at Disney. Im nut sure how much I like them anyway but being safe is a big deal. I’m asking for input but please be nice. Thank you!!!


That was my instant first reaction, too!


That is it exactly!!!

And I’m firmly in Mitchell’s Camp on this - leashes are for pets. I’m not sure they have any safety benefits - there probably have been more accidents caused by leashes than they actually prevent in the first place.


There’s no way to say this without sounding mean and I don’t intend it to sound that way but my honest opinion…

I understand why people put their kids on leashes but jerkass parents like myself are going to quietly laugh at you.


It’s ok to laugh at me. I asked. I’m a first time mom and she’s the treasure I can’t replace. I’m pretty clumsy myself and see this becoming a clothes line for some poor soul.
I tend to worry and overthink.
And @Jason1981 thank you for the heads up. Lol!!! I wanted honest.
I’m not getting one. We are down to less than 3 weeks… let’s see how many more crazy things I can worry about/question/change my mind about. This decision was made weeks ago and brought up tonight.


My nephew is on the Autism spectrum and is an eloper. He has tried to run out into NYC traffic before, does not respond to his name and his bolting is a constant source of worry for his parents. He will wear a harness/leash getup anytime he is in public for the foreseeable future, for his own safety, and noise cancelling headphones, for his comfort. No judging here if I see kids in harnesses/leashes, etc. Do what you gotta do.


Quietly laugh??? What’s the point in being a jerkass if you aren’t going to LOL? :wink:


The response I want to give to kids on leashes is to say to the parent “Oh, s/he’s so cute. Is s/he a rescue?” Just never had the nerve to actually say it…


I think you have to decide what is best for your family. My kids would be awful if I put them on a leash. Maybe do a little research on a few places in each park where it would be safe to let her run around and burn off some energy.

Also I did see a young kid get injured wearing a leash at AK. He was pulling on it super hard, then tripped and face planted.

If you are looking for a way to keep her close, you could try a toddler carrier like a Tula or a Lillebaby.


Do what you need to to keep her safe. And don’t mind those who say otherwise. You’d never forgive yourself if something terrible happened to her


Is she a bolter? I do understand that certain kids in certain circumstances are probably better off on a tether, but if you’re concerned about her wandering away to socialize, will she stay in a stroller to talk to them? Kid leashes seem to not work as well in thick crowds because then it’s a hazard to the people near you and it could cause more problems than it solves. That’s a tough one.

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I have two VERY active boys 18 months apart and during that 18 month-3 years range resorted to the “backpack.” It was a Teddy Bear backpack that was essentially a leash. I got sideways glances from people and judgmental comments, but I wasn’t concerned about these strangers, I was concerned about my children’s safety. One wiggled away from me in a parking lot, one got away from me at the zoo. Scared the living stuffing out of me. You also have to remember I had another one I had to pick up and carry as I chased after the other. We decided their safety was worth the looks and comments. I did get a comment about my “pets” one time and my reply was simply " If I am willing to keep my pets safe, why wouldn’t I want to keep my kids safe too?" All that being said, I used to get nasty comments and sideways looks when I brought out our huge double jogging stroller (that neither wanted to sit in anyway, they wanted the freedom to walk), so I couldn’t win.

They are now 12 and 14 (no we don’t still use them :wink: )and seem fine to me.

And I love that episode of modern family and would have totally done the shoe thing if I thought it would have worked (and would have gotten cross eyed looks for putting boys in high heels).

Long response to say, do what you need for your family and your sanity. You won’t see any of those people again anyway.


If I do it out loud my wife may beat me.


Look when my daughter was born I heard a story about a mother in Walmart. Her daughter was in the seat of the shopping cart, she turned to look at something not taking her hands off the cart. Someone took the girl out of the cart, they shut the store down and with in 5 min. they found the little girl in the bathroom crying. She had her head shaved and was dressed in a different outfit. All this in 5 min. DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO KEEP YOUR KID SAFE. I was so worried about my little girl in Disney that we did not let her out of the stroller unless held our hands or she went back in.


We used our stroller as our safety net for our kids. I knew where they were when they were sitting in the stroller and I knew they weren’t getting accidentally trampled by crowds. Other than that, it was hand-holding.

Everyone’s different. I agree, my concern would be if the leash gets too far from you, could you be tripping someone or hurting her in some way.

I found this, though… totally cute and does the job:


When my middle kid had just turned two, my oldest was three, and I was pregnant with number three my in-laws offered to take us to Disney. I was like, nope. Not interested. “Why not?” Flight risk. Ha. My oldest is eight now and I’m still worried she’ll wander off on our trip!

You do what you have to do to keep your kid safe. She’s yours. Personally I’d recommend a stroller (and if you think a leash backpack might help for when you’re in line then do it), but if YOU need something like a leash because you know yourself and you know her and you worry that you won’t be able to keep her with you because of whatever…you just do what you’ve got to do and don’t worry about what others think.


I believe in these for kids. I have a very friendly 4 yr old who likes to run a head of everyone. He had a monkey backpack type safety leash for a couple years. During our trip we will be using a wrist type one for him. Do what you must to protect your child.

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I would definitely have a child that young in a stroller for most of the time but use a wrist or backpack leash (we just call them a safety strap in the UK) at other times. My children were older (twins 7) when we took them and used a few techniques to keep the safe. We allocated one adult to be responsible for them for the morning/day and then switched at lunch. Some children get lost because someone assumes another is keeping an eye on them. They also had wrist straps with our cell phone numbers on and I would photograph them by the car each day so we knew for sure what they were wearing.