Kids Night Out babysitting service

Does anyone have recent experience with Kids Night Out in room babysitting service? Good/bad/experience? It will be for one night for 4 kids so my husband and I can have a date night in Epcot. Kids are 9, 7, 5, and 5. Or, does Wyndham Bonnet Creek (where we’re staying) have their own babysitting service? Threads in the search are a few years old. Thanks!

I used Kids Nite Out last summer for DD1. When went to California Grill for dinner and DD6 went to the Sandcastle Club at BC.

The service was good. Our sitter was friendly and professional and provided me with updates during the evening. That said, they stay in the room, so it may not be that entertaining for kids your age. With a 1-year old, it was perfect, but my son would have been bored in a room with a new sitter for several hours while at Disney World.

Have you thought about the new kids’ experience that starting at Contemporary? That would be likely be more entertaining for your kids (but also more expensive).

Thanks for your response! You mean the Pixar experience? Yes, my kids would love that but that would be way too expensive for 4 kids. If the sitter is friendly and professional, checks in frequently and gets them to bed early I will be happy! We are going to EMM the next morning so a night in with a movie and popcorn might just be perfect. We’re in a 2 bedroom condo at WBC so it’ll be better than staying in a hotel room all night. I called Kids Night Out yesterday and reserved the date, asked if I could speak to the sitter ahead of time and maybe get references. She said I could, so that will help with my comfort level.

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Hi! How did the experience go? I’m looking into getting a babysitter for my four kiddos so my hubby and I can go for an anniversary dinner. We are staying at the WBC as well.