Kids Menus

I was wondering if anyone knows whether children aged 11 and 14 can eat from the kids menus at table service restaurants in parks, hotels an DTD (not character meals)? It’s not an issue of cost, but rather my kids are so fussy and they wouldn’t eat anything from an adult menu. All they want is cheese pizza! Do you think if I offered to pay extra they would allow it? Thanks.

It’s not a problem unless you’re using the dining plan or at a buffet or all-you-can eat place. If you’re just at a regular restaurant and paying for the meal, then you can order anything you want - an appetizer instead of an entree, a kid’s meal, just dessert, etc.

And technically even on the dining plan or at a buffet it’s still allowed, it is just terrible value as your kids will be using adult credits for cheaper kid food. Although I guess if they are big eaters at a buffet they may be able to get their money’s worth :grinning:

My wife (who is a tad above 14) eats from kids menus. This is partially why we don’t get meal plans.

We were so disappointed with the kids meals on our last trip. The descriptions looked good on the menus but then the food was just poor quality and poor execution. How hard is it to make good spaghetti and vegetables? I hope you can find some good options for your kids!