Kids in MDE plans (ROTR boarding group question, really)

My MDE includes upcoming plans (including passes) for me, DW, DS, DD, and DS.

I’ve shared all plans with DW’s MDE account. On her account though, she can only see DW and me (no kiddos).

We’re both gonna try and get a ROTR boarding group. If I get it, all five of us will be included. If she gets it, only 2 of us will be included.

Don’t worry about getting the kids also on her account?

OR get the kids on her account…but how!!!

There should be a way to get them connected, but it wasn’t obvious to me in MDE, and I recently had the exact same issue - so I can definitely say if you don’t get them linked to her it’s nothing to worry about.

I had all the kids linked, but DH did not. He got the BG and as soon as we entered HS we went to the GET umbrella and she added all the kids to the BG immediately without any issue.

See this thread:

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I had to do this recently. It’s fairly easy.

On DW’s MDE…
Friends and Family List
Add a Guest
Find through my connected guests

Your kids will hopefully pop up, or you’ll need to search for them.

Then watch for the request to come across on your MDE (since you manage their accounts). Then accept the request.

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Yes!!! Got it. Great instructions. Thank you so much!
Glad to know it would be fine even if we weren’t connected but it just feels right now!!!
This group is the best.