Kids in Crews Cup?


I understand that Crews Cup isn't the best food in the World, but in a pinch, if we are forced to eat there, is it acceptable to bring DD8, given that it is a bar? @LuvMuppets, thoughts?


@BackIntoTheFray -we have actually found the food there to be quite yummy -we consider it our hidden gem. (don't tell anyone!) the truffle fries are our fav, and we have loved the salads, crab cakes, burgers, sandwiches and the pink drinks. No kids menu as I recall, but the CM said they could happily bring out many things for my two.They picked out pasta and burgers. There will be other kids there -mine were 10 and 12 the first time we went. Note -they don't take ressies, they don't take the DDP, and I don't think they can easily seats groups larger than 6. Remember -mum's the word..



@LuvMuppets, thanks for the detailed report. I was trying to be crafty with my bad food warning, and steer people away from your hidden gem. Good to know I can bring DD there without getting dirty looks.


There are booths! It would be a great place to not eat the truffle fries (maybe not eat two orders since that seems to be what I always do).


Ahhh yes! I caved for a moment there! Crews cup is best passed over in favor of ummmmm...b&c, or capt grille or other fine family fare in the area!!! (Pinching myself)