Kids Fitness Trackers

Can anyone recommend a decent (won’t break after a month of use) but inexpensive kids fitness tracker? Really one that just tracks steps (a glorified pedometer bracelet, lol) would be sufficient.
My kids love to look at my Apple Watch to see how many steps I’ve taken, specifically when we’re at Disney! They really want something of their own to track steps with. Which I think could be rather interesting since if you really think about it, when they’re little they take two steps to our one. But we’re not getting them Apple Watches, lol…and even a Fit Bit is a little more than I think we want to spend on this for them. Looking for something a little cheaper that they can buy w/ their allowance type of thing. :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in hearing about that, also.

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My wife got something for our daughter at Justice

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Oh cute, I hadn’t thought of checking there for my daughter (10, 11 when we go on our trip in Nov.). Now just to find something for my son, 8. Lol. Thanks!

Hi! I happen to be looking for one myself and saw this article online where the cheapest one listedwas one called Xiaomi with a list price on Amazon of $33.49
Hope it helps!

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We got our 5 year old a Garmin Vivofit Jr. for Christmas-it was on sale for $50ish. He loves it and so do we! It is a step counter, logs sleep, and logs active minutes. It syncs with an app on my phone and each day that he meets the active goal of 60 minutes, it opens a new spot on a nature trail in the app. It also has capabilities related to chores and rewards, but we haven’t experimented with any of those yet.

My DD wears one we purchased from Justice. She has had it over a year! She loves it and they have plenty of kid friendly styles. It was about $20 on sale. They are $39.99 regularly. You can find them on sale quite often.