Kid's club age requirements

If a child is turning 3 during the cruise, can she start going to the club from day one or does she has to wait until she is of age?

Also, do you need to RD the clubs? I mean, can you be turned away because they can’t take any more kids? This question is about the clubs not the nursery.

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I was wondering the same thing about the kids’ clubs filling up.

I’ve read some really old posts that say they are very strict with the age requirement but I’m not able to confirm.

Haven’t been on in years but they were always very strict. Whether or not there is room in ny club at any given time depends in part to the demographics of individual cruises. It is my understanding it is more likely to fill up at the younger end than the older ends.

I trust more recent travelers will chime in soon. I also suggest you asked this question over on the Disney cruise page of the Disboards. It is a heavily trafficked site.

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Thanks, I going to play it safe then and not go the child is fully 3.

They have open house sessions at times that you would be able to go with your daughter before she is 3. Also keep in mind they have to be fully potty trained as well as be 3 years old (we almost went when my kids were younger and since I had no idea why my younger one would be fully potty trained we waited until they were older to go).

I just read in the UG that they are very strict on ages, but they do allow for some choice when a child is at an age between groups.

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