Kidless Trip Report Part Three: Hollywood Studios

Day two of our solo trip started out at Hollywood Studios. Despite early planning I was not able to get FP for Slinky Dog and having seen the RD videos I knew we wanted no part of that chaos. However, the fates were with us this day as we got there early, crowds were light and dh was willing to “run with the bulls.” Turns out our wait was only about 25-30 minutes and the line is very cool to wait in.

We were expecting a version of Goofy’s Barnstormer so we were a bit surprised by the intensity of this ride. Not as young as we used to be lol.
I am a sucker for novelty cups and picked up this awesome one from Woody’s Lunch Box (which serves breakfast, btw.) The drink in here was some concoction with Poweraid in it and was very refreshing.

We used our FP for Toy Story, but really didn’t need it. Never thought I’d see the day when that ride had no line. Plus a note, when you use FP you don’t get to go through the normal line and miss out on the neat decor and interaction. Lunch was at Backlot Express (mac & cheese delicious, lime dessert thing awful) after a go on Star Tours (where I spilled my alien drink, sorry to all who had sticky feet after me.)

Then on to Little Mermaid (where we sat up front…note, you will be immersed in dry ice fog) and Frozen Sing Along. We aren’t big coaster fans so we decided to catch the Friendship boats to Epcot. What a lovely ride that is.

I’ll be covering the Epcot adventure next!


Great report!