Kidless Trip: Magic Kingdom

Day three of our trip was truly the “best day ever!” We spent it all at Magic Kingdom riding our faves with little wait and enjoying new experiences as well. Very early start to the day as we booked the Marceline to Magic tour. You get in the park an hour before it opens and get an hour of the 3 1/2 hour tour completed with no crowds at all.
When we arrived to check in they were filming a commercial at the entrance.

We hoped over to Town Square to check in, get our badges and listening devices and meet our tour guide. BTW, a perfect stranger took the best pic of us!

The guide led us from Main Street around to Haunted Mansion and we got to ride and listen to his very interesting commentary all the while. Then he actually took us behind the scenes and into the ride itself to see how some of the effects are accomplished. It was both awesome and disillusioning lol. We then walked to Future Land and rode The Carousel in a room all by ourselves and he told us so many interesting tidbits! I very highly recommend this tour for “seasoned” park goers like ourselves.

Then it was lunchtime and I had managed to get a DR at the GF tea room! I love tea and fancy foods and such and dh does not lol but he was a good sport for me. Look at his face when he sees what the offerings were. :joy:

I think the egg salad sandwich and the pudding were all he ate lol. Honestly the sweets were mostly what I enjoyed as well, but it was a wonderful experience nonetheless.
We were staying at the Pop Century and got a note saying that the power would be off in the afternoon to hook up to the gondola station so we skipped our mid-day break. I had secured FP for the evening and we rode Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan and Seven Dwarfs in quick succession. Our only wait was for Pirates. The stand-by sign said 15 min when we arrived, then changed while we were in line to 60! Ugh. But Pirates, man. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: At one point I need to take a pill and found a wonderful water station set up in front of Crystal Palace. I hope they continue offering these throughout the summer!

Lastly, I tried the Peter Pan Float. AWESOME! I have since recreated it at home with Lime sherbet and Sprite. So so good.