Kidani: "Standard" View but can see savannah?

At moment, the map feature not working for me.

But the other day I checked, and it appears there are a handful of rooms classified as “Standard” view that really have savannah views. For example 7937 and 7957. Is this correct? Thoughts? Any hope of booking as Standard view, then requesting these a week before trip?

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Odd numbers are standard view. But there are definitely some with savannah views. We stayed in 7759 last year with nice views.
This is the list from the room locator that we used to choose a room: Bldg 1,Flr 4,N-facing room. Example:7855,7857,7859,7861,7759,7757,7953,7755,7955

Love Kidani, planning to stay in a similar room this year, hopefully.

OK, awesome, thanks. Why do you like 4th Floor?

Not crazy busy. Good view. I’d be happy with any floor, though.

I was thinking could see animals better from two or three, no? Are other floors busier? (Will be our first time staying Kidani)