Kidani 1 bedroom room recommendations

I have 2 1-bedrooms both Savannah view at Kidani in June. I need to call DVC to add one extra person to a room and I was going to make sure our rooms are linked (pretty sure they are since they are both showing in my account) and make a room request.

There are a couple 1 bedrooms right next to each other but maybe not best view (looking at TP room finder). I was thinking of requesting the rooms near each other (same floor and building). Then I was going to request South Trail (building 2) on the 2nd or 3rd floor near lobby. Is this a good request? Are there any bad Savannah rooms? Is the South side a hike to the pool?

We were most recently in the North Trail and felt it was perfect

Our room was on floor 4 - 7826 - very close to the elevator which made it easy to get to other floors, the parking garage under the building, and the pool, which was steps away across the roadway.

I did feel we were a little higher than would have been ideal - in fact my user comment on the TP room finder page for Kidani says exactly that. We couldn’t see the giraffe’s heads because they were obstructed by the trees. I would recommend lobby level or even one floor lower but in that basic area. This is what you get there:

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Thank you! I wasn’t sure if there were as many giraffes on the N side! Looks like there are! Hmmm I have to consider being near the pool. Our child is a fish.

Oh loads and loads!

I have a billion pics of the animals I watched from my balcony at all hours of the day

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