Kid Poncho Reviews

I think a few of us were asking about kid ponchos so I wanted to share my findings.

DS6 is about 45". We got him a Stephen Joseph shark poncho from Amazon. It is 34" x 27". I found that it is just a bit short and the hood is a bit small for his head.

DS4 is 40". We got him a Wildkins poncho from Amazon. LOVE IT! Just the right length and the hood provides really good coverage.

DS2 is 38". We got him a Stephen Joseph tiger. It is great for his small size and he’ll be able to fit into it for a couple more years.

We went with the Disney ponchos this year. They fit the kids really well, I thought - DS9 at 54 inches and DD6 at 46 inches, both skinny.

I know this thread is about kid ponchos, but just as an extra fyi, my adult version fit me fine alone - I won’t give you my stats, but I am short and not skinny - but it was a bit tight when I put the backpack under it. Also worked great for my 6’ DH who is broad-shouldered but on the slim side.