Keys to the Kingdom

Who has done it in the last year or so…worth the cost? What restaurant do you eat at? How do I coordinate to ensure I get to ride Tron and not while I am on the tour.

Many thanks, been seven times but first trip back since COVID…lots of changes to get my head around


Welcome back to planning here!

Yes, I did it August 2023. Lunch was at Pecos Bill – you pre-order when you check in at the start of the tour and it is ready for the group in a reserved room. It was a nice lunch and good arrangement, very well timed to take a rest

I booked my Tron ILL to be later in the afternoon – I think I did the 9am tour so was done around 2pm.

The tour was great – I loved it. You can ask LOTS of questions about the park in addition to what the guide is set up to tell you about, so bring all your curiosity!


I did the tour last month. First time since 2006. Lunch was at CHH. It was the 8:00 tour, so we had just enough time as the tour ended to grab a BG at 1:00. Back in 2006 they didn’t take you down to the Utilidors, but now they do. Totally worth it just for that part, but the entire tour is fantastic.

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My experience was like @DumboRunner’s – I think we had the 8:30 tour in Dec. We ordered from Pecos Bill’s in the morning and the overall tour was finished around 2. If it were me, I would buy an ILL for when you want to ride Tron. You could also try for a VQ in the morning to see if you can get something after 2pm. I know when I did KTTK, I was ready for a break right after the tour.

Thank you for the quick replies! Love this community and it has been too long since I’ve been here!

The suggestion of buying a single LL pass might make the most sense as does taking a break. Planning to do 5 days with hopper so if I don’t get Tron the first day when doing the tour have a second day to get it.


I’ve done it twice in the last year (and have a 3rd one coming up in a month) - if that tells you anything.
There are about 4 choices from Pecos Bills…tacos/salad/nachos…and something else.

My first trip we missed the morning VQ but grabbed one as soon as we were finished with the tour and could take our phones out (it was after 1pm, but there were still BGs available)…which gave us a ride at the very end of the night (@SJCricket is right about needing the break!)
My second trip I got the morning VQ and it was called while we were on the tour. When we were done, I definitely tapped in blue, but told them I was on Keys to the Kingdom and they waved me through (the other two that were with us on the tour were too tired to wait in the queue - the Cricket was there too, but she had to go home!!).
The two tours were different enough (just based on the guides I had and their experiences as CMs) - though the major points are the same.