Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Has anyone done the keys to the kingdom tour? The backstage tour of Magic Kingdom? My husband and I are going for our ten year anniversary in September and really wanted to do this tour - however it’s sold out for the dates we require. Wondering if people enjoyed it and if anyone was able to score tickets fairly last minute due to a cancellation.

We are going without our children, which likely won’t happen again so I’m really, really hopeful we can get a spot :frowning:

We did the Keys to the Kingdom tour when we went in May with another couple and no kids. I recommend the tour. Many things are explained and you get to see many different sites, which of course includes the infamous utilidors. We booked early, so I can’t help you with the part of your question about getting tickets at the last minute. But, as many of us would say, it doesn’t hurt to keep checking. There may be a cancellation and you will get lucky!:relaxed:

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Hi @dg-ndd143

I did the Keys to the Kingdom tour in June and I would HIGHLY recommend it. The guides give a great overview of how the park was put together and point out a lot of details that are missed by almost everyone. The highlight of the tour is definitely the ultilidors -I thought we’d spend a few minutes down there but it was more like an hour.

I looked into the Backstage Magic tour (I think that is the other that you are referring too) but decided against it because I couldn’t find many details or reviews about it. I learned on the recent Disney Dream Girls podcast -episode 111- that Backstage Magic has changed and now goes to Epcot and MK instead of all 4 parks. The lady on the podcast that took the tour sounded pretty disappointed in it.

Tours have to be canceled at least 48 hours in advance to prevent being charged so I would keep checking back if I were you. I had originally booked the 9:30 tour because the 8:30 was booked up but I kept checking back and was eventually able to get the 8:30 time.

I hope that you get the tour that you want

I have also done the Keys to the kingdom tour, it was great, in fact we had so much fun, this fall when we go with another group of friends, we are going again. I would keep checking with tours to see if there is availability if you are having problems finding a spot. Typically we book ours as far out as able.