Keys to the Kingdom Tour Question on Shoes

I just booked KTTK for this August and I have a few questions:
Is it a hard rule that we have to wear closed toed shoes? I always wear flip flops in the parks.
Is the lunch at Peco Bills?

I didn’t realize you had to wear closed toe shoes. I’m going to the tour in May.

Yes, the reason for the closed toed shoes is for your protection as you will be doing a lot of walking and going in to some secured areas.

The lunch varies on where it is. When my wife and I did it on our Honeymoon in December 2017, the lunch was at the Tomorrowland Terrace.

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I didn’t realize you had to have closed toed shoes and I went last May :flushed: Wonder if I wore them by chance?
Our lunch was at Pecos Bill. Great tour!!!

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It’s not about your walking comfort. It’s about OSHA standards. They will be taking you into places where closed toes are required for safety. You can always break out the flip flops after your tour.:grin:

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Thanks everyone!

Great information - thanks! I am booking this tour for our next trip in the Fall.

You should love it. It is very informative and we both enjoyed it a lot. The only secret I will tell you about it is, you will love what you get at the end of the tour. Trust me, it is very nice keepsake.

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