Key to the World Card - When /How can get?

I searched for Key to the World in titles and I got nothing. I guess with free MB’s they weren’t a big thing.

When do/can we get the Key to the World card? Do they ship it to you like they used to ship the MB’s? Do you have to wait until check-in? Most important, if they don’t ship it can we go to Guest Services or our ‘resort’ the day before and get it? They are room keys, so that says the resorts have them. But they are also tickets even for offsite people, so guest services should have them. We are going to arrive on a Saturday and have a rest day, and not check-in to the campgrounds until Sunday. Sunday will be our first ever day at Disney World, and I am fortunate to have a family that wakes up early on vacation when I want. So, we will be there bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Sunday morning. I don’t want to deal with getting the card that morning. Note, this is for Jan 2022. My current plan is to get one MB for DD for the ride photos, and the cards for us parents. If DD isn’t in the photo, we don’t care about it. I’ve lobotomized our phones for security, so phones aren’t an option.

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I think the Key to the World card is just for hotel guests who don’t want to purchase a MagicBand. I think the admission for off-site guests is technically not called a Key to the World card and can’t be used to charge purchases. I assume you pick it up at the front desk when you check in. This is a question that would be perfect to ask using the Chat feature on MDE or the website if you want to know more.


I started going to wdw in 2005. When you checked into a resort (for me it was always POR) they would give you a blue “key to the world card” . I am sure I could find one at my house if I looked hard enough.

On the card it would have your trip dates and package/ticket details. I think I remember inserting the card into the door card reader to open the doors? It was also my ticket into the parks, and you would insert it into the fast pass machine to get the paper fast pass return tickets?

If I booked room only, it was my key only (and proof for extra hours). Tickets were a separate card.


You collect them at check-in.

I actually preferred them as a souvenir to magic bands. I still have ours from our first stays onsite.

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Well, this is interesting. It both completely misses the mark and contains interesting information. Maybe you guys can help me ponder what they said.

I emailed Disney asking them my question in the OP. They are so busy that even the Chat was full. But, my thing isn’t urgent. Note, I explicitly said that I’m not staying on-site, because I wanted to know what off-site people do. But, then I do somehow (although I didn’t mean to) have my first night in the tent on my MDE, so maybe they saw that. I really don’t want to bother going to Fort Wilderness to ‘check-in’ and get my Keys to the World the morning of our first Disney day. This was the response:

" Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World® Resort!

It is possible to pick up your package tickets up to 10 days before your check-in date. We recommend that you stop by Guest Relations offices at the Theme Parks and Disney Springs® area to pick up your tickets. A Cast Member will be happy to assist you.

Please note, that you will not be able to make FastPass+ selections prior to your package arrival date. Once you pick up your tickets you will be able to begin making selections."

So, the email explicitly mentions “package tickets” which I think wouldn’t apply to people staying offsite. Even though I do have a tent site, it was reserved separately. But, maybe they are saying that I’ll be able to get the Keys to the World cards beforehand.

But, it does seem to say that we’ll be able to pick up a plastic card to enter parks the day before.

Then that Fast Pass section jumps out at me. Wha? My first thought was that I was getting a form letter from pre-lockdown. But then there is the “unable to make FastPass+ selections” jumps out at me. You never needed a physical card/ticket to reserve fast passes

Soooo, confused.


That is confusing, I agree.


That is really old package info, I believe?