Ketogenic or Modified Atkins Diet experenice at Disney?


We are heading to Disney next month and will be staying offsite in order to make some of our son’s meals and snacks ourselves since this is our first trip where he is on a more restricted diet (Modified Atkins). We know Disney is amazing with food allergies, but wondering if anyone has experenice at TS or QS restaurants with someone on a Modified Atkins or Ketogenic Diet.

We have chosen some of the more allergy-friendly ADR’s (Chef Mickey, BOG, Hollywood & Vine) that we know of from past trips but would love any other suggestions you all might have for us. He loves character meals, but my husband wanted to try new other places without characters - so I have ADR’s at Whispering Canyon and Rose & Crown.

He should be okay if we can modify his meals and get either plain chicken/turkey/pork/ham with butter, a burger with cheese and no bun, etc. Basically very low carb/high fat options.

Would love to get your thoughts on good QS options especially where we might be able to find “plain” meats.


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I do not have any answers for you but I am very much aware of the keto diet (our dd4 has epilpsy) and you and your family will be in my thoughts. I truly hope you have a great vacation and this all works out. Best of luck!!:heart_decoration:


thank you! we will have more to take into the park this time too including a mini food scale and a small cooler with cream and special snacks. It’s a good thing his wheelchair has a bag on the back! We are planning to rent a locker each day to store the cooler so we don’t have to leave the parks/resorts to go back to our hotel.

Do not hesitate to stop at the medical offices at each park and let them know you are there too in case you need any medical support (we plan to that each day we are there). Also I believe they will keep the medical supplies cold for you instead of having to get a locker. And do not forget to check out the info on DAS in case you need anything they could provide.

Have you tried contacting Disney? They have an email address specifically for dietary needs.

They will keep medical supplies but not food of any sort. The only exception is the liquid food that is administered via feeding tubes.