Kermit's Further Adventures with Atbeliever and family

We were able to pick up Kermit tonight at AKL Bell Hop, though we were sad to not meet @BigPetesWife and family! The stars did not align for us to meet :frowning: Kermit came along with us to CSR and to Peppers Market to refill our mugs before bed. He’s asleep now with our two boys - he was tired! More to come tomorrow - I’m sure Kermit will have fun in Epcot as we taste (and drink) a bit around the world!!!


I’m going to be at Epcot tomorrow too!

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@SallyEppcot, so you mean today??? Would love to meet, and take a picture of you, me, and Kermie!!!

That would be great! I just sent you a PM with my cell #.