Kermit Keepers, July 2017

Good morning,

I am HOPING that Kermit makes it down from Ohio in time for my trip with Thing 3 on 7/20. I will be leaving on 7/22. If you are interested in hosting #flatkermit adventures in July 2017, please comment below. I will bring him back to Sarasota with me if no one wants him within a week of my departure. I don’t want him getting lost again!

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@TheHoodlumsMom , Sharon Rudolph, 7/20-7/22, POP

I will be at CBR starting the 29th. I can get Kermit to keep him in the World. Just let me know how to get him. We leave August 5th.

If no one else takes the week in between, I’ll leave him for you with bell services. PM me here or on FB (Sharon Rudolph) with your last name and a number I can text you with a photo of his claim check).

Barb, of no one else is in the world between us, we would love to host…be there 8/11. I may try to create a doc to load up on the prior post for anyone who us interested.