Kenny the pirate crowd calendar

Did this website used to be free? I don’t recall paying for it, but for some reason I thought I acccessed the crowd calendar. I lost my notebook I used to research my last Disney trip (gasp!) so I can’t remember for sure. What other free crowd calendars do you use?

I think once upon a time much of Kenny’s site was free, except the character locator which was always a paid-for feature. But as he has grown he has, rightly, capitolized on his successes and I think much of his site is now paid-for.

Why are you checking out his crowd calendar? Cheating on TP? :wink: :wink: (I kid - you may not know me at all and I’m always sarcastic).

:raising_hand_woman: Guilty! :rofl: Kenny posts the park schedules way ahead of anyone else that I know of, which an overplanner like me just can’t resist…! :crazy_face:

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The schedules aren’t finalized until 2-4 weeks ahead, so he is just GUESSING way ahead of anyone else :wink:

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This may be true, but he’s never been wrong that I know of. That’s all I need. :+1: I used to rely on the travel agent pdfs to plan my ADRs, so since their demise it’s Kenny or nothing.

Ha yes! And I know I am not the only anal retentive Disney planner toggling through every crowd calendar avvailable to make a decision. :joy: and then changing your mind, again, and again, and again.

Fellow wisea** here :wink:

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@brklinck has speculated that KtP has somebody on the inside feeding him info . . .

I have been monitoring KtP’s calendars, and thus far they have been almost always matched the initial park hours posted by WDW. The only differences I have spotted are for an early closing at MK which might not have been finalized when KtP got his “inside info”.

Otherwise, KtP does not post advance hour predictions like TP does.

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He was dead on for park hours for my trip. There was even a change for EMH that week that was correct as well. He has some sort of insider Disney would be my guess.

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To be fair, all calendars are spot on once WDW publishes hours, as they all adjust their calendars to match. I know of no calendar that has advance knowledge of what the WDW final park hours will be.

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He has the initial park hours dead on, which is what I was referring to. He changes them as the changes are announced. It was helpful to me to know that PM EMH at MK was on Monday, rather than the usual Wednesday, before I made my ADRs. I found no other calendar that had this information before my 180 days. My trip is in May, so I expect there will be changes in April.