Kennedy Space Center?

Anybody been to the Kennedy Space Center recently? Staying AKL/YC with DH and kids 13 (space nut) and 11. We won’t have a car. Trying to decide:

  1. Pre-book a tour vs take an Uber vs try to figure out a one-day car rental?
  2. Weekday or weekend? Probably weekday?
  3. How to figure out our best KSC itinerary? The web site is overwhelming!
  4. Any other important tips? This is our 13-year-old’s MUST DO. <3


I wouldn’t rely on a ride share. I believe they can refuse to take you if they don’t find out your destination until they arrive at the pick up.

The website might seem overwhelming, but they have a Touring Plans style planner to help.

You can either put in what you really want to do and it will help plan it for you, or tell it how long you have and they will suggest an itinerary.

What you do will depend on your interests. You cannot see everything in a single day, probably not in two days either.

For first time visitors my suggestions would be:

Space Shuttle Atlantis
Astronaut Hall of Fame
Tour to the Saturn V building
Mission to Mars interactive exhibit or the Rocket Garden

Take a few minutes at the Astronaut Memorial.

But then if your 13yo is more interested in the future plans then you might want to change things.

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This is pure gold advice. Thanks so much for taking the time to type it out.

It looks like on September 1st (a Thursday) they have a small (30 person) tour with a Launch Director! <3… But crowd calendar is all 1s at WDW that day. EEEEEEEEP. Pretty sure Space Launch Director will win this one for me and my 13 year old lol.

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That’s a great place to go. We spent all day there, from 9 to 6. Have fun!

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Oh I saw that. Hoping it’s still on when we go in December.

Launches are cool to see. Any scheduled during your trip?

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We plan to go during our January 2023 trip. DS is a space nut as well.

Transportation: Right now we are planning on using rental car.
Touring Plan: I looked at one of the other forums on TP that had suggested things to do. It pretty much aligns with what was mentioned above.

Suggestion for one day:
One of the Tours - whichever inspires you (we are thinking Kennedy Center Bus Tour)
Hall of Fame
A stroll around the rocket garden and 10 minutes to pay respects at the memorial.

It is also recommended to purchase tickets in advance.


Launches are very cool to see! We saw one in 2019. It was rescheduled 4x in two months. That caused havoc with my FPP back then!

The launch was at 6 am. We left our hotel at WDW at 3:30 am to get there, park, walk, get our included breakfast, and get seated. We bought tickets for viewing the launch from Kennedy’s property. We were still far away from the launch pad.

We could have used 2 days at Kennedy and it was our second visit in 10 years. We waited for awhile for the bus that gets you around. We are all scientists and/or engineers so there wasn’t enough time to see and/or read all the displays or attend any of the presentations. Must dos are Atlantis, Saturn V, and the rocket garden.

I recommend driving. You can get a car from the Disney Car Center easily.


I’ll add that Kennedy Space Centre is our family’s must do when we come to Florida - and we come from Australia! Such a great place, gives me the feels every time. Definitely do the bus tour that comes with the daily admission (no need to upgrade). Similar to Disney, you just feel like a child again!


I’m going in August. I’ll trip report it. We’ll be renting a car and coming from Disney’s Vero Beach. I purchased tickets and lunch with an astronaut

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