Kennedy Space Center early November

Hi all … we are in the world in 61 days for 15 nights staying at BC … we want to do a day excursion to see some :rocket:’s has anyone any recent experiences of this ? what’s best a coach trip or uber / lyft ?

It is a one-hour drive from the BC to the Kennedy Center (I checked yesterday). Entry tickets are fairly expensive. I think it might be worth checking into an organized tour to get there if you don’t have a car (or don’t want to drive). We will rent a car to go, because getting a Lyft or Uber to there (or worst, from there) might be dicey. Even though drivers are not supposed too, I have had them refuse to drive that far in other parts of the country.

Thanks for the response … starting to have second thoughts as my DS will only just have turned 5 and from what I’ve read i think he would lose interest and be a handful which could then impact other visitors

We got our tickets from Undercover Tourist three years ago and they were quite a bit cheaper. As you say it may not be very exciting for your son as he is quite young. When we went mine were 12 and 9. My 9 yr old was pretty bored but my 12 yr old did enjoy it.

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Great tip about Undercover Tourist! I mean, I should not complain about the price of tickets for such a cool thing (especially during a Disney trip) but saving some money is always welcome!

Yea as much as I would love it I know he wouldn’t and would be bored … maybe next time

It might sound silly, but would your son enjoy being with a sitter and staying at the pool at the BC? That is fairly expensive, but you could go to the Space Center and your son would love it!

He’s not the best with strangers and it’s a family holiday so I’d rather we stay together … I work a lot and don’t spend as much quality time with my kids as I’d like … but thanks for the reply.

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Have fun on the family vacation! It’s so important to spend time with our loved ones!

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