Keeping Wands Safe

Hello, I’m heading back to Universal soon, this year marking the first time returning with my interactive wand. I was going to pack my wand in my suitcase, but was wondering if anyone thought of a clever way to keep it safe in a backpack when I am not in the Harry Potter part of the park? When I purchased my wand last year, I had my box sent to the front of the park so wouldn’t have to keep carrying it around–sticking out of the backpack. I’m not worried when it’s in use, more for when touring other parts of the park. Also, I plan on keeping it with me at all times except when I have to store the whole backpack in a locker for a ride. Thanks in advance!

A true wizard would own a wand holster. :wink:

I think it’d be fine in your suitcase as long as it’s not a duffel bag, but unsure about your backpack.


Lol, I was actually looking into them for the parks, but they are out of my budget for this trip :-/ In my suitcase, I would probably have my box. In the parks 100% not.

It won’t protect the whole wand, but to protect the tip you could try a pencil eraser. The kind that you add on to the end of a pencil.

I had read that recommendation on here, so I diligently packed a couple good ones that would handle various sizes (for two wands that would be purchased). Of course, like an idiot, I forgot to take the erasers to the parks on our Harry Potter day. Oh well. Still seemed like a good idea.

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We just kept the wand in the box when not in use, upright in my son’s athletic style drawstring backpack. We took it on rides without issue (except those where you need to put in in a locker).

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Our First trip is May 13th and wanted to know will the box fit in the lockers? Plan to purchase the wand on our first day and carry with us but wanted to keep in the box.

Yes they do. Takes a little creative placement sometimes, but they fit.

We use a pencil eraser and just keep it in our backpack. We are careful placing it in lockers. I do have a Kavu sling style backpack that is sort of stiff and has just enough room on one end for the wand. It works perfectly. We have taken the wand on six trips with no problem.

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Thanks everyone for the ideas. I hadn’t heard of using the erasers before, I think that will be very helpful to me. When I purchased my wand last time, the tip was what I was most worried about, and the erasers seem to solve the problem!

When my son was Harry Potter for Halloween, my husband made him a cheap wand holder by using one of those little flashlight holders that you can slip on a belt and cutting a tiny hole in the bottom of it so that most of the wand went through and rested against his leg, but it didn’t fall through due to the thicker handle. Worked like a charm!