Keeping track of my TPPlans for a day and selecting a days TPPlan using the TP 'WDW Lines' phone APP

So, even on iOS you are seeing the same arrival time info.

This is weird, then, why it isn’t for @carmen.

Wondering if this is a plan that hasn’t been optimised/evaluated, or has no date selected? But then it wouldn’t give any wait times at all would it? Odd!

I will re-install the APP and have another look as this should be investigated…

On this plan (20th-5b-noDel):

After the APP re-install, the APP now shows this, when viewing the Plan of same name, 20th-5b-noDel :

And, all the times are there, the FULL note for Step #2 is shown … and when I scroll to Step #4 in the APP now shows SE using the FPP…

In my post #7 here, the Step #4 SE FPP was not used and the arrival, free and walk times were not shown and neither was the end of the Step #2 Note… WEIRD EH ?

It appears to have been a bad install of APP ???

I am still missing the actual names that I gave to my Breaks on the APP listing, but that quirk and the initial Plan ‘select’ quirk of my post 1, I might decide to live with… (oh and that ‘non standard’ usage of ‘Done’ from an edit mode, boy they are still adding up :wink: )

I will plod on …

Glad the experience has improved for you a bit!

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