Keeping the magic band on the hand

I’ve been to Disney World 7 times, but the last time was 4 years ago. I have a six person group going in two weeks (DD, DM, 20DS with autism, 16DS, 14DD, and 12DS). This is my first experience with magic bands, and I have read that they can fly off if not secured by a strap. Anyone have thoughts on this (or a hack that doesn’t require me to spend money on those bitbelts)?


I’ve never had any trouble with them. There are 2 nubs that fit into the adjustable strap. My daughter once had one break off, the the 2nd one still held on fine.

I’ve never had this problem either.

I’ve never had one fly off or come even partially undone unless I caught it on something, and the newer ones are actually more flexible which I would think makes that even less a problem.

It can happen but it is rare. I have used them on at least 8 trips and on the 4th trip with my AP MB it flew off on Buzz. I also chased a man off the plane one day with his MB in my hand. I do agree the new ones seem more secure.

If you’ve got any small magic loom rubber bands around the house, we used them in place of bit belts and they worked well.


I’ve been quite a few times since the bands came out and haven’t lost one yet. The only time one has fallen off my wrist was while taking off my backpack. I’m now a little more conscious of this when I put on/take off a backpack and haven’t had any trouble since then. I don’t think I’d buy something extra to hold the band in place.

We’ve used them for 3 trips now and never had a problem…until this year. The 2 nubs that disney1974 refers to above seem slightly shorter to me this year. If you go to the waterparks, I would advise removing them before you go in the water, even though they say you don’t have to. My daughter lost one at Typhoon Lagoon, but they recovered it overnight and we got it back the next morning. If you do lose one, no worries. Just go to Guest Services at your resort and they will give you a temporary replacement!

What do you do if you lose the Magic Band while in the parks?

You can go to guest services and they will give you something(that is what I was told). I always keep a back up in my bag.

Mark it as lost on the app or the website

Non issue. Seriously.

I went with 8-year-old autistic twins, one of whom is very much a “shredder” of things attached to him. The bands stayed on without problem.

We did “practice” with them at home leading up to the trip - started by trying them on, then from dinner to bedtime, then from after school to bedtime, just to get them used to it.