Kali River rapids

Are the drops on Kali River rapids as bad as roller coasters or splash mountain? I watched a video and saw one large drop. Is the drop as bad as that of roller coasters? Has anyone that doesn’t like roller coasters rode this ride?


It only has one large drop. Not as fast or steep as Splash mountain. The drop isn’t a concern, the fact that you “could” get absolutely soaked if you are unlucky enough to sit in the wrong spot.

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I can’t do roller coasters, no EE, Space, RNR or any of the Universal rollers for me. Love BTRR, 7dmt.

But I love Kali. Even my youngest who has a real problem with sensory issues rides it. His limit elsewhere for speed/drops is PotC and Speedway!

But you will get wet and probably soaked. Wear a poncho and ideally flip flops,. Put everything (phone etc) in a locker.

Are there lockers close to the ride?

Yes and they are free for an hour I believe

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I don’t do coasters anymore and do not like heights I compulsed about Kali and finally decided to go on it. Drop was no big deal and not steep. No problem.

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