Kali River Rapids Operating Hours

Hi All!
I hope this question does not come across as silly, but I am looking up some things and am rather confused. I know Kali River Rapids is often closed for refurbishments in select months like January and that it opens later than other attractions depending on the time of the year. My question is more the exact time it does open, particularly when I am going, in May.
When I type in “Kali River Rapids Operating Hours” in Google, it shows it is open 8am-9pm and sites the Disney website as it’s source. When you actually go onto the Disney site, it says 10am as the start time. When I look on the touring plan that was optimized for me, it says the attraction opens at 9:30. When I went on Disney’s site and looked up the opening time for that exact date, it said it would not open until 10am.
I do not really trust “Google.” What do they know! :yum: But, I do trust “Touring Plans.” I am just not sure why TP shows it opening that day at 9:30am if MDE shows it is not opening until 10am. I know this seems minute since it is only a 30 minute difference, but as I am sure you all know, alot of attractions can be ridden earlier in the day before the crowds get too bad. We have a 10:25 “Tusker House” reservation with a ROL package and I wanted to try to get a few rides in before that time. (We have a FOP Fastpass for later in the day, so wanted to get Navi’ done at RD and then maybe hit 1 or 2 Tier 2 rides before breakfast.) The plan was to ride Kali before the line got too long and then we would change clothes before our breakfast if we did get soaked.
Any thoughts on which time to go off of? Thanks all! Appreciate your help!

P.S: MDE also says “Dinosaur” will open at 9am on the day we are visiting, but TP says it does not open until 9:30…hmm…

You can look at the current Times Guides here: http://www.orlandoparksnews.com/p/weekly-walt-disney-world-times-guides.html . It currently shows KRR as opening at 10:00 a.m., and Dinosaur as “park open.” If you see discrepancies in times between Disney and TP, you can email webmaster@touringplans.com . Times for things change often, and TP doesn’t always catch them. A simple email often takes care of it.

Thank you so much! I had never heard of the Times Guides and this is super helpful! Appreciate it! :heart_eyes:

The Times Guides are companions to the maps, and can be found at all WDW hotels, parks, and several places at Disney Springs. They are date specific, for several days at a time. At least with that site, you can see them from home and get a better idea of what might be going on while you are there.

Yeah I have always grabbed these when I go but had no idea you can look them up online! SO awesome!

It kind of makes me sad that it closes before the park. One of my best memories from last year was riding it after ROL in the freezing cold with DD4!