Just Tickets


We are going to Disney in early 2018. Someone else is paying for a hotel room and food. (Which is great) But I have only ever done Disney when I have booked the Magic Your Way and got the food, hotel, and tickets together.
Since I will just be purchasing the tickets for this trip I wanted to try and see what was the best way to go about this.
Is it still best for me to use the Disney site? Where can I look for other deals?
I am open for various suggestions.


Touring plans has a ticket calculator. I always access it from the home page on the app but this link should work. This will tell you the cheapest, safest place to buy tickets.


Thanks!! I actually found that after I left the message, but it is always good to have reinforcement.


NO - I highly suggest a reputable 3rd party. We have used Undercover Tourist a few times - NEVER a problem. Saved a LOT of money.


I've used Undercover Tourist a few times as well. I've never had a problem with them and they have better prices than Disney online or at the gate. Check the calculator as to who has the best prices, Boardwalk Ticketing (I believe) was a little more cost effective last I knew of.


Anyway to save a buck!!!


We need to on the front end, it's the only way to eat nothing but Mickey Bars in the parks. :yum:


I've used Official Ticket Center for many years. Totally legit and we save a lot versus buying directly from Disney.


This is all so helpful. Thanks for all the input.