Just rebooked AoA for April trip, saved 10%

Go check the rates if you have a trip coming up!


I keep hearing of people saving…rooms, flights…
My own flights and room are MORE now. I guess this means I did good in the first place? But sheesh, it would be sweet to save some $$

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When is your trip?

May 2-11

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I just switched one night from Pop to CSR for only $22 more in total!


Give it a little bit longer. My flight just went down yesterday and the resort just went down today. My trip is third week of April.

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Deals can be had. Today I switched AoA to Beach Club AND added an extra night and paying a little less overall than before. Since changing from Disney-booked package to 3rd party, was a headache to cancel and rebook properly, but worth it in the end.

Wow, where did you find the deal on BC?

I was able to change my SW flight and save $84!
Thanks for the idea!


I’ve been stalking the Wdw website and Priceline for months and now there is a definite spike in availability the rest of March.

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Just checked Expedia and snagged Yacht Club for $222/night. Dropped one night each at AoA (LM) and Pop for only about $50 more. Hello Stormalong Bay! My son is going to freak out when I surprise him with it - Yacht Club was his #1 request until he discovered Simba’s Club House at AKL (we are doing one night after YC at AKL). Now if I can just figure out how to link the reservation to MDE.


Nice! Even lower than I got for BC. I had to ask Expedia for the Disney confirmation # to link into MDE, not the same as the Expedia Itinerary #.


Thank you. I figured it would take a phone call.