Just purchased my DAH for MK but

So I have a solo “work” trip the end of March. Flying in on the 23rd and should be there around 11am. Was going to chillax at CSR for the day and make my way over Ploy-Trader Sams (never been, always had littles with us) and then do DAH at MK for the night. This will be my only time at MK all week. My question is, I can enter MK at 7pm. It’s predicted as a CL 10. Will this mean DAH will be more crowed than I hear from others that have done it in the past? I have access to the after 5pm convention tickets for $69. Would it be worth it to add that ticket to my MK day so I could have an additional 2 hours? I wasn’t planning on it, thought I would grab some dinner and drinks before MK and that 7pm entry was sufficient but now I am questioning it. Never been to Disney during a “busy time”, most have been CL 4 and below but I do only have to worry about me and no one else. I won’t know what to do without pushing a stroller around!!

Oh and a bit off topic, but would a crossbody cell phone holder be considered a bag as far as the back check line go? It holds my phone and credit cards on the other side. No real pockets.

I wouldn’t pay extra for 2 more super crowded hours when you’ll have 3 non-crowded hours later in the evening.

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That was my first thought also. Thanks!

Can’t say conclusively, but if they can’t see inside it without opening it, then I think it would be considered a bag.